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  • What is Periodontal Disease?
    Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a complex, multi-factorial chronic inflammatory disease, which ultimately destroys the tissues that surround and support the teeth, resulting in tooth loosening and subsequent tooth loss. The primary cause of periodontal diease is poor oral hygiene, which results in bacteria that accumulate on the teeth and gumline, also called dental plaque. The presence of this bacteria initiates the inflammatory response that results in progression of the disease and bone loss over time. Periodontal disease is very common and affects about 50% of the population. 
  • Will It Hurt?
    Generally, periodontonal disease is a painless disease that many people aren't aware they have. While treating periodontal disease, we will be as gentle as possible. The periodontal exam can be completed with little or no discomfort.
  • Do I Need X-Rays?
    We will need current periodontal X-rays in order to evaluate the bone underneath the gums. The necessary X-rays can be taken in our office using digital radiography. If your referring dentist has taken X-rays, you may request that they be forwarded to us, however, it may be necessary to take additional X-rays for proper diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • What Will It Cost?
    Since all patients are different, Dr. Jenkins must complete your examination before establishing your treatment plan and the fee for care. The fee for periodontal treatment can vary considerably depending on the type of problems and the complexity and length of treatment. An approximate fee can usually be determined at the initial visit; but on occasion, some initial treatment or further diagnostics must be completed before the final treatment plan can be established. Our philosophy of practice is to treat as conservatively as possible to attain treatment goals.
  • Will My Insurance Cover The Cost?
    Dental insurance policies often cover periodontal treatment, however, every plan is different. Please bring all dental benefit information and cards to your examination appointment. Upon request, we will submit a claim to predetermine your insurance benefits; however, this is not required by most plans.
  • Will I Need Surgery?
    Not everyone needs periodontal surgery.  If treated early, periodontal disease can be controlled without surgery. We will make recommendations based on your individual situation. Our philosophy of practice is to treat as conservatively as possible to attain treatment goals.
  • When Will I Go Back To My General Dentist?
    Our office and your dentist will work closely together. If crowns and fillings are needed, your dentist will provide them. Regular visits to your dentist every year are an important part of periodontal maintenance.
  • What If I Don’t Have Gum Treatment?
    Periodontal disease is a progressive, painless infection. Delay in treatment can cause further bone loss, tooth loss, and more expense. If your teeth are lost, dentures are never as effective as your own natural teeth.

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